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D&D Global Education – Our library of games and methodology

As working your way through the world of D&D is not always the easiest of tasks, we have prepared for you a set of instructions – methodology – to better understand how to find your way in applying D&D in Youth work and Global Education.

We know not everyone has 18 hours to play D&D in educational settings. Yet if you do, please look at our 18-hour campaign. Therefore, we made the method modular, so it can adapt to your time constraints!

We have designed 3-hour scenarios for those of you that can’t play a full, 18-hour campaign and can only meet occasionally, for those who want to play something fun and educational with a group of people! Each of the scenarios bears the learning objectives and the topics as well.

There are scenarios that are as short as 45 min with preparation and reflection included. You can fit them in a 45-minute class, or you can play them in a train ride. Feel free to use them if you don’t have much time or if you want to mix up different topics!

Read through it and you’ll see your participants can become an adventuring party going on various quests while you adapt the length of the adventure. Imagine encounters like bite size episodes of a TV show and the campaign a very long film. If you treat your sessions as a TV show you can add as many episodes as possible at different times when you get your group together.

More details on https://d20.si/global_education/


18 hours campaign

3 hours scenarios

45 minutes encounters